The Power of Dolls

We are designers and business owners. We could make anything in the world. Gadgets, homewares, clothing – something practical. Yet, we have dedicated our passion and talent to creating dolls. Why? Because we believe in the immense power of dolls. We have experienced it first hand and continue to experience it through the eyes of those kids lucky enough to receive a Forever Doll.
Our Childhood
What are your most vivid childhood memories? For us, dolls played a large part in our childhood. Tea-parties, sleepovers, camping trips and overseas holidays – our dolls came everywhere with us. They were quiet companions. They listened to our woes and let us brush their hair with endless patience. They loved to be dressed up and taken on all our adventures. Dolls have been an important part of childhood for a long time. From ancient Greece to Victorian England, people have always known the power of dolls. Even Queen Elizabeth attest to their importance. This year, the British Royal family hosted an exhibition of Queen Elizabeth’s treasured dolls. They are beautifully detailed and obviously well loved. If the Queen can see the value in dolls, so should we!
Dolls serve as a loyal companion in childhood. Unlike real life friends, dolls are always available and consistently kind. They are a great imaginary friend for children to play with and learn alongside. They can come on road-trips, trains, planes and boats – there is nothing a doll can’t do! From climbing trees to girly afternoon teas, dolls make the perfect friend. We know the importance this can have on building childhood memories. So, all our dolls are made to be your child’s bestie! With soft cotton bodies and life-like features, Forever Dolls are a great choice to encourage imaginative play.
Kids need sources of comfort and security when things get scary. When Mum is away or a hospital trip is required, a doll makes the perfect friend. From changing schools to travelling somewhere new, a doll can be a calming and reassuring presence. Our dolls are great for this – their sweet smiles will settle nerves.
Learning Tool
Perhaps most importantly, dolls are an important learning tool. As children play with their doll, they imagine social scenarios and experiment with the world around them. Concepts of size, space and movement are enriched as children interact with their doll and their surroundings. Ideas of family, love and communication are cemented through this imaginative play.
Our Story
We are doll-makers because we love dolls! We love the precious childhood memories attached to them. We love seeing little faces light up as they are presented with their new bestie. We love the comfort and companionship dolls can provide. We believe in the immense developmental benefits of free play and understand the role dolls can have in this. Forever Dolls are the result of our dedication to these beliefs.
What are your favourite memories to-do with dolls? What did you name your dolls? We want to hear your stories!