Real Dolls for Real Kids

Playing is a child’s primary tool for understanding the world. So, what they play with matters. That’s why Forever Dolls was created. Our dolls aim to be realistic companions for imaginative play. Developmental experts tell us that free play is important for a child’s social, emotional and intellectual growth. These are the three pillars upon which Forever Dolls stands. Our dolls are created to be beautiful, child-like and realistic to encourage play which teaches kids about the world they live in.

Social Development
Playing with dolls has always been a part of childhood. From humanity’s earliest days, children have played with objects made to look like people. This is because dolls are a great way for kids to learn about human experiences, social roles and family relationships. As children interact with dolls, they naturally experiment with various social situations. Whether they are pretending to be the parent, the best-friend, the teacher or the shop assistant – the relationships they create with the doll mimic those of the real world. They quickly learn the social roles of all these characters and through that learn skills such as effective and respectful communication, problem solving and debate. We try to make our dolls as realistic as possible so that kid’s play can be as realistic as possible. Concepts such as family, work, school, friendship, love and loyalty are all built through free play with high-quality dolls.

Emotional Development
The wonderful thing about dolls is that they are designed to look like humans. That means they can also take the role of humans during kid’s imaginative play. By experimenting with various relationships and situations involving the doll, a child learns how to understand and express certain emotions. You will often hear kids speaking aloud to their dolls – this is learning in action. As they converse, argue, laugh or sympathise with their dolls, they are learning the basics of emotional intelligence. Empathy is built and patterns of human behaviour are subconsciously understood.

Intellectual Development
As a child plays with a doll, their understanding of anatomy, physics, language and culture organically grows. When a doll is placed on a chair but quickly falls off, the child learns about proportion and balance. As the child dresses the doll, they learn about the proportions of the human body and how joints function. This is why our dolls are particularly excellent – they are proportionally realistic. As kids touch the soft skin of our dolls and squeeze them in a cuddle, their tactile knowledge is increased.

How we make them come to life
We make our dolls using a good mix of experience, passion and dedication to your child’s wellbeing. We make them as realistic as possible, with soft, child-like bodies and friendly faces. They are made with soft vinyl limbs and a stuffed cotton body. Their high-quality wigs allow for endless brushing and styling. Each of our dolls has sleepy eyes and a hand painted face. Delicate details include french manicured finger and toe nails and blushed elbows and knees. All of this comes together to create a new best friend for your child, ready to teach them more about themselves and the world.