Yes! Our dolls are made from several components which we source from all over the world to ensure we make the highest quality doll for you. We take all the various components and hand make each doll. Each doll takes 8 – 10 hours to make over a 3 day period which allows for the various glues used to set and harden. Given this we have a 7 business day turn around time for all doll orders.

We source all our components from different places all over the world to make sure we can make the highest quality product for you.  We then hand make each doll right here in sunny Port Douglas, Queensland.

Absolutely! We have a Sparkle My Doll option available for all our dolls for $49.95. This allows you to add eyelid glitter, lipstick, freckles, earrings and nail polish to your doll. Simply add this product to your cart when purchasing your doll and make a note of what sparkles you’d like on your doll in the comments section at the checkout.

Yes, as our dolls are made to be played with! We permanently stick our wigs on. Our wigs are adhered to the dolls scalp using a premium vinyl flexible glue to allow for movement when brushing and styling.

Our wigs are heat safe to 180°! You can use heating tongs to shape your dolls hair however you want it – straight or curly. It only takes 3-4 seconds to heat the hair enough to achieve a curl. We have instructional videos on our Facebook page. All heating tongs differ and many irons have heat inconsistency so please test your tool first. We strongly recommend a digital tool and never going higher than 180°. Spray the hair with a light mist of water from your spray bottle before you run your heating tongs over the fibers to protect them. Please don’t over heat the wig, it can scorch the wig causing the fibers to melt and singe – remember, the hair is made of very fine high grade synthetic material! 

Our stunning wigs simulate healthy human hair, BUT it is not real hair and shouldn’t be treated like real hair. Whilst we can’t give away exactly what they are made from we can assure you they are made from a premium synthetic material that is also used in wigs for people.

Our wigs are washable for cleaning if they get dirty. Simply wrap your dolls body and face in a towel to protect from getting wet – remember if their eyes get wet, they can rust! Use a tiny drop of dishwashing liquid, wash gently trying not to agitate the hair too much to minimise knots and rinse thoroughly. Leave the hair to dry thoroughly for a least 24 hours. Do not brush your dolls hair when it is saturated – you will stretch and weaken the hair fibers.

Yes! If you are ordering small items like clothing and small accessories that will fit in a satchel then select the ‘satchel’ option at checkout for discounted flat rate shipping. If your order is over $299 you will automatically have free shipping applied to your order.

Our dolls are perfect for ages 3 to 93 – because you’re never too old for fun! By the age of 3 we’ve found most children understand the concept of gentle play and can play for extended periods of time with the dolls in a creative and fun way. However we have found the best age for our dolls to be 7+ as they are able to better manage the hair and not cause excessive knotting during play.

We regularly restock our dolls, and add new designs. If you see a doll you like and its out of stock, pop your email in the ‘notify me’ box and we’ll let you know when it is back in stock.

Unfortunately, once your order has been processed we are unable to make changes based on change of mind as each doll is handmade. Please triple check you are 100% happy with the doll you have selected before finalising your order.