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Dr David Whitebread from the University of Cambridge has recently reported on the importance of play in a child’s development. Dr Whitebread said, 'Play in all its rich variety is one of the highest achievements of the human species’, and here at Forever Dolls, we couldn’t agree more. This is just the latest in hundreds of studies which confirm the same thing. Plus, the United Nations High Commission

Playing is a child’s primary tool for understanding the world. So, what they play with matters. That’s why Little Mummies was invented. Our dolls aim to be realistic companions for imaginative play. Developmental experts tell us that free play is important for a child’s social, emotional and intellectual growth. These are the three pillars upon which Little Mummies stands. Our dolls are created to be

What are your most significant childhood memories? Maybe the smell of Christmas pudding cooking? Or perhaps a fall off the school playground monkey bars? The touch of a particular softtoy or the smell of your mum’s favourite perfume are also common early memories. Researchers have shown that most people’s childhood experiences being to become long term memories at about three years old. As experts in child development, we are fascinated by the role memory plays in childhood and the impact

Here at Forever Dolls, we are passionate about Dolls. We know how magical they can be in the lives of kids. Today, we wanted to share with you the fascinating history of dolls. From ancient Egypt to the French aristocracy - dolls have always played an important part in the human experience. Ever Evolving DollsAnthropologists suspect that dolls have been used since the early days of humanity. Stones and wood was carved into human-like figures and both children and adults would

We are designers and business owners. We could make anything in the world. Gadgets, homewares, clothing - something practical. Yet, we have dedicated our passion and talent to creating dolls. Why? Because we believe in the immense power of dolls. We have experienced it first hand and continue to experience it through the eyes of those kids lucky enough to receive a Forever Doll. Our ChildhoodWhat are your most vivid childhood memories? For us, dolls played a large part in our

Remember when, as kids, we had one or two special toys? Beloved creatures that we treasured even as stitching frayed and stains emerged. Trains whose wheels fell off and were glued on time and again, dolls houses that your Dad built or that funny-looking ride-on dog, so worn his back went bald? (OK, maybe that was just me). I can remember having so many adventures with my Teddy Lara, who came into my life on a Christmas day I’ll never forget

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