Forever Dolls is an Australian owned company creating amazing dolls that bring friendship and joy!

Hello! I’m Emma, the Founder and Director of Forever Dolls, mum to four amazing daughters and wife to a dedicated fisherman and motorbike lover. 

A natural resource manager by trade, my career took me to iconic Bondi Beach before I ended up in a corporate compliance role for a large multi-national company.

For 10 long years, it crushed my creative spirit.

Zara, my oldest, was turning 6 and wanted a ‘big girl’ doll for her birthday. We knew exactly what we wanted, but we couldn’t find it. She wanted a doll that was cool and fun, colourful and trendy. I wanted a doll that was age appropriate, promoted positive body image and had wholesome messaging.

Needing a creative outlet from day job and determined to find the perfect friend for my girl, Forever Dolls was born!

Our dolls are designed to be a friend. They each have their own characteristics and traits. Characteristics and traits that we value as a family and promote to our daughters.

A Forever Doll is someone kids can confide in, connect with and love. Someone to give them the confidence to be themselves.

During my fourth pregnancy, I was made redundant from my corporate role. I took this as a sign that there was more important work I needed to do. Sometimes, the universe knows what you need.

These dolls are more than just the high quality materials they’re made from.

They are a wish, a hope. For children to hold on to their all too short childhoods for just a little longer.

Children are feeling pressured to grow up too quickly in our modern world. Skipping crucial years of social and emotional development that comes from playing and just being a kid.

We want to encourage play for children aged 6 – 12+ by giving them a doll they can be proud of, something that won’t be hidden away when friends come over. A doll they can play with now and treasure forever.

As George Bernard Shaw said:

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Honestly, we couldn’t agree more.

Emma x

Our love for what we do is visible in all the details of our products.