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There’s A Special


That Happens During Creative Play.

Why play?

Dr David Whitebread from the University of Cambridge has recently reported on the importance of play in a child’s development. Dr Whitebread said, ‘Play in all its rich variety is one of the highest achievements of the human species’, and here at Forever Dolls, we couldn’t agree more. This is just the latest in hundreds of studies which confirm the same thing. Plus, the United Nations High Commission

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Real Dolls for Real Kids

Playing is a child’s primary tool for understanding the world. So, what they play with matters. That’s why Little Mummies was invented. Our dolls aim to be realistic companions for imaginative play. Developmental experts tell us that free play is important for a child’s social, emotional and intellectual growth. These are the three pillars upon which Little Mummies stands. Our dolls are created to be

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